• March 7 2021

  • December 13 2020

    Speaker: Jake Laferriere

    In this message Jake shares how to combat negative, unwelcoming, blaming, & controlling communication.

  • December 6 2020

    Speaker: Micah Smiley

    Micah shares a story of the people of Israel, and the promises of our great God.

  • November 22 2020

    Speaker: Alex Fiore

    In this sermon, Alex talks about how we should stay and work through situations with the lord and others before just trying to call things quit. We walked through the

  • November 15 2020

    Speaker: Jon Jones

    Our guest speaker, Jon Jones, shared with us the importance of living in the light and dying to sin, what that means, and how we can live it out.

  • November 8 2020

    Speaker: Kate Williams

    What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit at all times? How do we get filled?

  • November 3 2020

    Speaker: Micah Smiley

    Micah talks about the responsibility Jesus has placed upon the life of every believer and what that means for us as Christians.

  • October 25 2020

    We are called to give to missions, when we give to missions we are supplying families with food, international students with a friend, mostly we are furthering kingdom so that

  • October 18 2020

    Speaker: Taylar Smiley

    This Sunday Taylar talked about how you play an important role in missions, how to support missionaries, and how to healthily serve in a foreign culture. You may have a

  • October 11 2020

    Speaker: Ellie Mallek

    Learn how to lay down your weaknesses so God can turn them into strengths

  • October 4 2020

    Speaker: Micah Smiley

    Micah takes a moment to see how Jesus defines devotion to Him and what it looks like to abide with Jesus daily.

  • September 27 2020

    Speaker: Lorain Tompkins

    Lorain brought the WORD this Sunday! Check out what she had to say about fear…

  • September 20 2020

    Speaker: Micah Smiley

    In this sermon, Micah brings definition to what it means to live in a real community that lives together on a mission for God’s mission.

  • September 13 2020

    HUGE thanks to Ben for leading worship and Natalia for sharing during the service. Ben is a UCF alum and we are proud to be supporting him and his wife

  • September 7 2020

    Speaker: Micah Smiley

    Micah kicks off the semester with an introduction to spiritual disciplines we strive to practice at University Christian Fellowship.