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Missions Update: Chase, Andrew and Bethany 5-2021

Andrew and Bethany are currently serving in Oaxaca, Mexico, working on translating the Bible into various languages. Andrew is currently focusing on Mixteco. It’s a slow process, Deuteronomy was just completed, but what a joy it is for people to be able to read the Word in their own language! Bethany continues to create free instructional videos for those who are wanting to learn Hebrew and people are loving them. They have asked for prayer for 4 areas…would you please pray.

  • We’d appreciate you joining us in prayer for a volunteer to help us draft grammar descriptions that accompany each of our video lessons. This will become an open resource that can then be translated into other languages like Hindi that have no Hebrew grammar available.
  • Please also pray for the Chatino translation team we work with, since the team leader has had some very challenging health trials lately, which must be discouraging to him and his wife.
  • We also need prayer for our vehicle situation. Our car’s motor failed (long story) and we’ve been without it for a month now. This has been a stressful time-drain, and we hope that over the next week it will be resolved.
  • Finally, please pray that we will be able to find a Korean volunteer to translate our intro video. Korean is a hugely strategic language, and we’ve run into major roadblocks over the last year in attempts to get this video into the language.

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