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Learn About Reading Plans Here

One of the best habits you can form is to read the Bible every day! Set a reachable goal for yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed. Start with reading about fifteen minutes in the morning. Start small and work your way up. It might be a good idea to carry a small Bible with you and read it during lunchtime or other free times during the day.

Having a reading plan gives you vision for what to read everyday. Once you complete a reading plan, make another one. God loves speaking to you, so enjoy listening!

Practical Steps on How to Read the Bible

  1. Find a quiet place (it may be the basement or attic, or you may have to get up earlier than others). But, this will help you focus and be able to listen to God too!

  2. Set a regular time daily. We are creatures of habit, so create a way to give time to God, start at 15min, but build up to more! Many people say an hour with God has been key to helping them know Him and hear Him more clearly!

  3. Have a notebook handy (you can even has colored highlighters too!). You will want to write down things God reveals and even mark certain passages that really speak to you!

  4. To help you get started, use this guide: S.O.A.P.

S-Scripture verse(s) – determine what verse(s) you want to read and then read them outloud if possible.

O-observe what you just read. Ask yourself, “what is being said here and why is it being communicated or why is it significant?” Write it down.

A-apply what you just read by seeing what it meant to those the passage was written to, and then what you can take from it for yourself now. Write it down.

P-pray. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you walk out what you learned and to continue to reveal God to you through that passage. Write down anything you sense God speaking to you.

Worship sets our eyes on God and allows us to stop and just focus on Him. It is a time to give our hearts to him. Worship also allows us to express our joy and adoration, praise and thanksgiving to him.

Enjoy some different playlists here to help you enjoy time with our Father, Savior, and Friend! Turn off distractions and take time just to enjoy Him.

Here are devotionals for you to enjoy in getting to know God better in the following areas. These are super easy to follow but bring deep growth. Just click on one and a small booklet will pop up in a PDF. You can feel free to print these out and enjoy any topic for several weeks!

Go after God and let him show himself to you!


Resources for  leaders on various topics.

We are committed to helping others Love God, Have Real Relationship with other believers, and to Be Missional. This page has resources to help life group leaders with Biblical insights on various topics for growth, personal edification, and encouragement from God’s heart!

As Life Group Leaders:

  • WE ABIDE: we are constantly asking the Lord to grow us, so we can grow others

  • WE SHARE: we are aware of those around us, and asking the Lord to help us see them as He sees them, and share with them what is on His heart for them (inviting them to know Jesus)

  • WE INVITE: we are inviting people into the community (whether hanging out with friends, joining our Life Group or coming to Church)

  • WE WALK ALONGSIDE: we are those who pursue others and disciple them by helping them grow in their relationship with Christ so they can begin to walk out the same journey we have walked